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Our Methodology

We deliver customized outsourcing services for maximum results and multiple benefits.


During the kick-off for the engagement, our team of experts will sit down with you to discuss deliverables, milestones, reports, and expected outputs. This involves planning the resources to be used, setting realistic timelines, assessing risks, and delegating manpower.

  • Capture your vision for each process
  • Define the scope of our work
  • Develop a roadmap for transition

Migration Phase

At the Migration Phase, our stakeholders will take all steps necessary to synchronize operations and processes while identifying and executing system modifications and changes. Here, we’ll do a detailed walk-through of operations to finalize our overall approach and process designs. This entails the drafting of standard operating procedures and step-by-step guides that will serve as a solid foundation. Extensive and collaborative training sessions will be carried out to prepare key members for their roles and responsibilities.

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Develop SOP, workflows, and manuals
  • Extensive training sessions with internal team

Post-Migration Phase

For Post-Migration, significant efforts will be made to gather and report performance results to ensure if we are meeting service level expectations. We will provide transparency into our daily workings through a rigorous monitoring framework that includes period reporting, reviews, and audits. We will assess performance results against our targets and goals to identify points for improvement. The roadmap may also be updated to include new opportunities.

  • Supporting the Queues
  • Setting our Quality guidelines
  • Aligning with your company’s standards
  • Performance and Quality monitoring

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